General Rules and Regulations

State aid will be allowable on up to two monies under any one (1) premium number to an exhibitor.

1. The Association will use every reasonable precaution to safeguard the public, exhibitors, employees and exhibits, but positively will not be liable for death, loss, theft, damage or injury to person, animal or article from any cause.

2. Board of Directors will be in session during the week of the fair. They will hear and decide all questions affecting the rights of exhibitors or duties of employees.

3. The Secretary will be at his office on the grounds during the week of the fair and will be ready to transact business at all reasonable hours.

4. Entries must in all cases be made on the Secretary’s books and the entry card properly attached to the article or animal before it will be entitled to be placed within the enclosure; and no article can be removed from the grounds until the close of the fair without permission from the Department Superintendents.

5. The General Superintendent will provide for reasonable wants of exhibitors and see that good order is maintained on fairgrounds.

6. Exhibitors are required to keep their stock accessible to visitors at all reasonable hours during the fair. All pens and stalls shall be kept in sanitary condition. After being notified to bring out their stock for exhibition, they will be allowed 15 minutes to get the stock into the ring, and at the expiration of that time may be ruled out.

7. Judges on stock will give proper regard to size, symmetry, breeding, early maturity and general points of excellence. The expert or one judge system, will be used in the livestock ring, and as far as practicable in all other classes, but will not give encouragement to overfed animals in breeding classes.

8. The decision of the several committees will be final and irrevocable as indicated by the class book returned to the Secretary in regard to premiums awarded except upon positive proof of fraud or gross palpable error on the part of the judges. A protest of an award must be made in writing accompanied by an affidavit setting for the grounds for protesting the award and a deposit of $100.00 in the event of the protest being sustained; the $100.00 shall be forfeited to the association.

9. Competition in livestock classes open to Edwards and surrounding counties. Floral Hall exhibits open to Edwards County only. Borrowing, hiring, or temporarily buying animals or articles for the purpose of strengthening the exhibits for show purposes is strictly forbidden.

10. Persons living at a distant can have their entries made at any time by addressing the Secretary and will receive their cards when called for.

11. Exhibitors of purebred stock shall furnish the Superintendent of the proper department satisfactory proofs as to the pedigree of the animals on exhibition. The certificates of registration must be produced and shall be required by the Superintendents.

12. Objections to the Judges must be made in writing to the Superintendent of the department setting forth objection over the signature of the protestant. No judge will be removed except for good cause.

13. Any violations of the rules by exhibitors, excludes their competition and forfeits all premiums and if it is ascertained that any exhibitor has in an ungentlemanly and public manner taken exception to the judgment of the awarding committee, the Board of Directors may expel said person offending from competing for a premium or exhibiting on the grounds of the association until he shall have made apology and been reinstated by vote of the majority of the whole Board of Directors.

14. Persons who wish to do so are requested to offer such special premiums, as they may desire. Such exhibits will be governed by the rules of the society and exhibited under the provision of such Department Superintendents as the President may direct.

15. The Board of Directors will endeavor to pay all purses and premiums in full at the close of the fair; but if for any reason beyond their control, they reserve the right to alter program, postpone, declare off, pay in part, prorate any or all purse or purses, premium or premiums offered or award made, as local financial conditions warrant. Upon sufficient proof of deceit or fraud or misrepresentation on the part of any exhibitorany or all purse or purses, premium or premiums or awards made, in question, may be revoked without reimbursement to exhibitor.

16. The Fair Management reserves the right to reject any or all entries.

17. Exhibits/Entries declared ineligible will forfeit premiums won and/or exhibitor will be asked to refund premiums if payment has already been made.