Board Officer

Neil Fearn, President
Steve Thomason, Vice-President
Seth Root, Secretary
Shad McKinzie, Treasurer

Directors At Large:
Neil Fearn ..... 2022
Toby Beadles....2022
Chase Mewes....2021
David Simms....2023
Todd Coles....2023
Loren Pollard....2023
Randy Longbons....2021
Matt McVaigh....2021
Carson Everett....2021
Kristen Speir....2022
Jarod Weaver....2023
Cody Williams....2022
Neil Fearn....2019
Niki Hasewinkle....2022
Seth Root ..... 2021
Shad McKinzie ..... 2022
George Fewkes..... 2021
Steve Thomason ..... 2021

Mammoth Parade - Kristen Speir, George Fewkes Chairman
Fair Queen Director - Nathan Gentz
Jr. Dept., Beef and Hogs - Toby Beadles - George Fewkes
Jr. Dept., Sheep and Dairy - David Simms- Cody Williams
Jr. Dept. Horse & Saddle Show - Todd Coles, Cody Williams
Tickets - Kristen Speir
Education - Niki Hasewinkle
Sheep - David Simms
Beef - David Simms
General Livestock Stalls - Neil Fearn
Floral Hall Superintendent - Steve Thomason
Floral Hall, Class J & K Chair - Bonita Thomason
Hobby Show, Class P Chair - Valerie Murbarger
Needlework, Class M Chair - Audrey Spray
Culinary, Class O Chair - Angie Hout
Flowers and Plants, Class L Chair- Bonnie Wright
Grandstand, Vesper Service - Kristen Speir
Jr. Domestics, Class P Chair- Kathy Lane
Supt. Privileges - Randy Longbons
Grounds - Seth Root Todd Cole
Moto Cross - Randy Longbons
Truck & Tractor Pull - Matt McVaigh, Chase Mewes
Open Goat - Neil Fearn
Rodeo- Carson Everett
Demo Derby - Loren Pollard